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Hawaii Local Art

Jumping with Sharks

Hawaii local art

I have enjoyed learning to use spray paint and acrylics over the years.  Right now it seems like a reasonable way to fight the I-hate-being-locked-down blues. 

I'm fascinated by the waves here, waves are powerful and scary.

 I  consider what I'm making "Yard Art" or "Beach Art".   I saw Hawaii mermaid-themed items for sale in Honolulu that were weird. 

My smaller pieces seem to be well-received as gifts for young people.   

I like the idea of mermaids leaping out of the ocean day or night.  Remember, when you see the mermaid princess leap out of the ocean under a full moon, while the sharks swim under the glittering stars, and the ocean is white with foam, its time to stop drinking. 

A  hobby that's fun and calming.   Look forward to hearing from you, Thank you, R/  Doctor J.  (drj)